What are people saying about the Diplomatic Observer Program?

It’s, “An opportunity for diplomats to meet presidential candidates up close, to mingle with their staff and take the measure of the candidates and convey to their governments not only what they have learned but how democracy works.”
 -The Washington Post

“I had indeed a great time during my stay in your beautiful state and great honor of meeting so many interesting people. The campaign HQ tour, daily briefings, and media events, opportunities to meet and hear candidates was magnificent.”
-Ambassador Khamrokhon Zaripov, Republic of Tajikistan

“It gave me an insight into retail politics that you can’t get from TV or newspapers...I have been following U.S. elections since 1980 when Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter, and this is the first time I have been to New Hampshire to see a primary. I have a much better understanding of the candidates and their strengths and weaknesses.”
-Ambassador Friis Arne Peterson, Denmark

“The Diplomatic Observer Program was excellent, providing me with a real opportunity  to learn a great deal about the N.H primary, the current political temperature in a key swing state and most importantly to see the Republican contenders up close. The access  to the debates, to candidate’s events and HQs, and the briefings by leading political academics and commentators were fantastic, we couldn’t have asked for more.”
- DCM Kevin Conmy, Ireland

“I feel like I got to see a lot of interesting events and meet a lot of very insightful people. I’ve told the embassy to look out for this again in 2016.”
-Political Counselor Anthony Smith, New Zealand

"I was impressed about how much the diplomats knew about the substance that the candidates were talking about."
-Stephen Reno, the chancellor of the University System of New Hampshire, said at the diplomatic Observer Program in 2006.

"We are going out to provide as full and unvarnished view of the American retail politics as possible."
-Former US Ambassador to Denmark, Richard Swett in 2008.

"The visit was absolutely fascinating and memorable. New Hampshire has certainly retained its unique place in U.S. political history, following the dramatic outcome of the New Hampshire Primary."
-Orla O'Hanrahan, Deputy chief of Mission, Embassy of Ireland, 2008.

"Organized by former US Ambassador George Bruno and USA Group International, I and the delegates from Germany, France, Netherlands, Tajikistan, and other countries attended candidate rallies, party dinners, and morning briefings by political experts. We met the candidates from both parties, talked with political operatives, gave interviews to the US and international media, and visited candidate headquarters and staff. And we recieved unvarnished inside information on how the race was shaping up as could only be possible by being there uder the guidance of Ambassador Bruno. Should you have the opportunity to be apart of the 2008 Diplomatic Observer Mission, I highly recommend it."
-Euripides L. Evriviades, Embassy of Cyprus, Washington D.C.

"Thank you very much for organizing such a successful Diplomatic Observer Program. I was very much impressed by the primary process itself, as well as by the hospitality and friendliness of the New Hampshire citizens and many many 'naunces and niceties' which make your people and state unique ones. Well, the outcomes of the primaries just proved it."
-Askar Tazhiyev, Counselor, Embassy of the Republic of Kazahstan, 2008.

"Thank you again for helping me with my trip to New Hampshire last week. The schedule you made was very substantive and helpful. Based on the information and views Iheard from the persons you introduced me to, I got a very good sense of the updated political landscape in New Hampshire moving towards the 2008 Presidential Election. The more I visit New Hampshire, the more I love the state."
-Taisuke Mibae (Tai), Embassy of Japan 2007.

"The Diplomatic Observer program was excellent and a huge success. I would not know of a better way to open the doors in New Hampshire for a foreign observer and to allow such a first-hand intensive detailed impression."
-Political Councilor Cristoph Eichhorn, Germany 2008