You are Invited!

to the 2020 New Hampshire Presidential Primary

Anticipated Primary Date — Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The NH Diplomatic Observer Program offers diplomats posted to the United States the opportunity to observe the nation’s first presidential primary "up close and personal."

The Washington Post has described the Diplomatic Observer program as - “an opportunity for diplomats to meet presidential candidates up close, to mingle with their staff and take the measure of the candidates and convey to their governments not only what they have learned but how democracy works.”

The program is organized and led by U.S. diplomats resident in NH. Our 3-day Primary Weekend Program will run from Friday, February 7 to Sunday February 9, 2020. Click here for more information

Can’t make it for primary weekend? Come to NH anyway! All the major candidates are coming to NH on a nearly weekly basis, so there will be ample opportunities to interact with the candidates and senior staff in the months before the NH Presidential Primary. This season we also offer Mini-Programs starting Summer 2020.

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